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What We Do

At The Group Coach Academy, we help successful coaches make the transition from high effort, one-to-one coaching programs to high impact and scalable group coaching programs. 

And we do it all in 9 weeks.

If you’re an experienced coach ready to expand your capability in group and team coaching, then we are here to provide you with 3 key things:

The skills you need to make the transition from one-to-one to one-to-many.

The framework you need to create group coaching programs that are engaging and scalable.

The confidence you need to ask for the investment your program is worth.

We are in the age of collaboration. Group coaching is leading the way as we shift from IQ to We-Q.

Who We Are

The Group Coach Academy is led by award-winning group coaching expert Glain Roberts-McCabe, author of The Grassroots Leadership Revolution: Build a Peer Group and Own Your Career. For over 25 years, Glain has been at the forefront of group coaching and helped hundreds of organizations from the likes of PepsiCo Foods Canada to the Toronto International Film Festival reinvent the way they accelerate leadership talent through her game-changing group and team coaching organization
The Roundtable.

Roundtable programs have been recognized as best-in-class by the Institute for Performance and Learning and are aligned to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Competencies. The Roundtable for Leaders group coaching program has been featured in academic journals as a best-in-class innovative learning model.

Glain has been named as one of the top Canadian female entrepreneurs in Canada through the RBC Women of Influence Awards (2018) and the International Stevie Awards. The Roundtable was named top External HR Consultancy at the Canadian HR Awards (2016).

Glain and her team have created The Group Coach Academy as way to help you create programs that have led her to impact the lives of thousands of leaders and scale her business to over seven figures.

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